Funny Video produced by REMAX International – which seems very fitting to the whole open house process.

With exception of the bouncer – open houses do have their “bling and presentation”.  We have also encountered agents that have come in and have been “talking loudly” in an attempt to get the “potential buyer visitors” to approach them to employ their “wisdom and excellence”.

  • “I think I have sold almost every home in this tract…”
  • “Too bad this agent does not know about the five new listings I’m going to be putting on the market during the next few days…”
  • “I am the number one agent in this neighborhood, is what I told the guy that was calling…”

Santa Clarita open housesOf course – that “talking loudly” is a joke.  Some agents are arrogant, what can I say.  Some Real estate trainers say that is the only way to be.

However, that will not work with most of our Law Enforcement Clients – they hate that high pressure crap…

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