real estate for saleWe have the intel when it comes to buying new Santa Clarita housing and real estate.

Never more will you have to be concerned about not having your very own specific real estate representative when you plan to visit the new home centers or the new builder sites.

We have a system in place, plus those all important “relationships” with the new home agents, those representing the new home builders in the Santa Clarita Valley.

With the lacking resale inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, to date, we see a larger section of the “new home buying public” contacting my New Home Team to schedule our New Home Tours.

Our new housing clients come meet with me in my office and we pass along the information that you will not see on the blogs or any of the online channels.

As far as resale inventory, we are continuing to build as of the date of our daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show, 2015.124.

We have more units for sale than we have had in a long time, at least the past 18-24 months.

Just during the past two weeks, the SCV Cities has broken 600 units for sale. That is up from in the low 5’s, where we have been hovering for a very long time. We had been lower than 400 units at one point.

The absorption rate is between 3 to 3.5 months. That means, if no new listings were added to the for sale market, and if homes continued to sell at their present pace, we would run out of resale homes in that time frame.

Be safe – schedule a meeting with me when you are ready to head out on your own personal real estate journey.

Currently We have Three new home sites in Valencia – click to check them out!