BEST Santa Clarita Housing Market updateNot that it matters that it is actually Friday the 13th -, but that does bring me to some of the local real estate market changes and activity that occurs on Holidays in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Rule of Thumb – Holidays, real estate stops.  However, there are some of those “die hard” buyers that want to view real estate listings on holidays because they cannot get off of work at other times.

Most “occupied” real estate listings, in our SCV cities, typically don’t want to allow showings on holidays, especially if it is one of those “traveling” holidays.  Such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

But the Labor Days, Memorial Days and Easter – usually showing on these holidays is not an issue with most “occupied” real estate listings.

Rule of Thumb, ask your real estate agent how the local market is where you are buying or selling.  That is typically where the best advice will come from with regard to your local market – From your Real Estate Expert.

Be safe – enjoy our latest Santa Clarita market update video.