We have just finished our Santa Clarita housing market reports and have some great news for those that are Buying in our local cities.

Santa Clarita real estate reportsPrices are apparently reducing in some of the Santa Clarita Valley cities with reference to the SCV condos and townhomes.

They have reduced in some areas and have remained flat in others.

This is a dramatic change, where in most of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we have seen real estate prices headed through the roof in the past 14-18 months.

For the Single Family Homes and residences reports – click here.

Today, marks the third week in a row where we do not have 100% compliance with regard to the prices increasing.

Things are starting to shift in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, and we will keep you posted as to when that SHIFT takes place and moves us into the full swing of a Buyers Market.

Make sure you stay on the cutting edge of our Santa Clarita real estate reports.  You can use our MacBoX feature to keep track of the local housing market in the SCV Cities and within the city of Beverly Hills CA. – Type into it the words:      Market updates      .

Please be safe – search well and I have attached the Santa Clarita Condo’s report by PDF below.  Inside, you will also find the Santa Clarita Single Family residences report as well.

If you want to get our Santa Clarita housing market reports yourself, directly from our SCV Real Estate research company, they type in the word reports into the MacBoX at the leading Real estate website for Santa Clarita real estate.