Santa Clarita realtors opening doorsThe Santa Clarita Valley cities have a pulse all of their own when compared with the rest of Southern California.

While in some areas we see major price increases and growth – some of the cities move at a much slower pace.  However, there is no rhyme or reason and it can be attributed to “chaotic theory”.

Today we display the last year in the Santa Clarita housing market.  If you notice – we have had quite a few changes during the past 12 months throughout the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Some of those changes, from the ground, had seemed almost insurmountable.

However, with the proper guidance and expertise, the real estate client is always protected from harm.

Enjoy the stats – deductions are that we are still seeing some price increases – but if you take the last five months on the chart and draw a straight line – you will see a “flattening out” of sorts.

This is what we speak about when we talk about a flat real estate market. The people of the world having the medical insurance increased next year and the Government Shutdown did not help matters.

In addition, some help, interest rates seem to be holding stead for the near future.

Please let us know when you are ready for our Santa Clarita Crash Course on Real Estate.  We will have you come into our offices, and we will cover the A – Z of real estate to best prepare you for what you wish to do.
Median Sold Prices in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities

Average Days on Market Chart Santa Clarita