Local Santa Clarita RealtorsToday we have had some great intel passed along on our Foreclosure and REO broadcast for this Hump Day Wednesday.

During the past few years, I have been personally monitoring the local real estate inventory.

This may come as a shock to you, but our buyers and sellers demand professionalism from someone that is also good at sales.

I have to agree, I do like working with those who are professional in nature when asking for more information or to have someone provide a professional service for me.

I so get it. There are times when I run into those who are “not professional” and are only trying to sell me.

I hate that. Why not just hit me over the head with a large stick and take my wallet from my pocket?

I’m off my rant now. Enjoy our Santa Clarita real estate radio show and let me know when you are ready for our assistance when it comes to providing you with the most excellent in real estate representation within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and Greater Los Angeles Areas.

I’m Connor MacIvor and I am proud to be of service!

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