Search for Santa Clarita real estateOne of the things that we get asked often is how to search for real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

You will see if you run the title of this search in Google you are going to get many results. Most are associated with real estate syndication websites. To keep it simple, with some, there is no police entity, keeping the listings being shown on those sites accurate.

Also, their mission in life is to monetize your personal and private information.  Agents pay royally for it.

Now, they are not telling you this at first glance. In fact, when your email inbox is starting to fill with nonsense sales pitches, that is when you typically figure it out.

Therefore, before you go jumping into the first website that says they show the current real estate listings.  Find out where they are obtaining their data from.

If they have permission to access the IDX data – then you are good to do.  That would be because they are licensed real estate agents, they have a licensed brokerage, they have the Board of Realtors Blessing and they also have it confirmed via signed agreements with all parties and the IDX.

If they don’t – be careful 🙂

Or you can head to the top Santa Clarita real estate home site, and do it that way.  Enjoy the Slideshare presentation and we hope to help you soon.