We just finished the Foreclosure update and REO listings for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.Santa Clarita foreclosure search

As of this AM the recap is as follows for the “on market” Distressed real estate inventory.

  • I’m tracking 13 active bank owned foreclosure listings in the Santa Clarita Valley

  • 10 more Foreclosure listings are in the Pending status (we monitor those too)

  • 4 listings are in the backup position in escrow

  • I’m tracking a total of 169 short sales – properties that are attempting to be sold for less than the amount owed

  • 42 are currently active as Short Sales for sale in the SCV Cities

  • 127 of those 169 listings are currently in some form of escrow

We spoke about the “off market real estate inventory” that maybe coming to the resale real estate market in the coming, days, weeks or months.

If you use our Foreclosure Radar Resource – you will see this inventory as well.

We attempted to upload our Foreclosure Wednesdays Radio show, but until this point in the evening, we are still not seeing it rendering.