If you are feeling the squeeze with the real estate market and are concerned that you are not going to be able to keep up with your mortgage payments or have already fallen behind – You need to know your options.

You might be located in the Santa Clarita Valley – You might be in a community that is far from our offices.  I can say this from several recent visits from folks that did quite a lot of driving to meet with our team, “It was worth our trip and we feel so much better, WHEW….”

I have laid out the 5.7 options that a distressed homeowner has with regard to the property in question.

This entire presentation is very impersonal – Talking about Foreclosure and Short Sale options are very personal.  We can help you with those decisions, contact Paris911 and we will schedule an appointment to go over your documents and give you the Distressed intel.

Please do yourselves a favor – if you have already fallen behind – get good and sound information based on fact and do not allow yourselves to be seen as a possible meal ticket!