Santa Clarita condos and townhomesConcluded and as Homer Simpson would say, “Done and done”.

We can glean several things from the current Santa Clarita market recap and the data that we have pulled and published reference to the condo and townhome market in the SCV cities.

First of all – in some cases we are leveling out when it comes to real estate median “sales prices”. However, listing prices are increasing in the SCV cities. You can look to the sellers wanting to get the most amount of money, for the condos and townhomes, that they are having sold.

Secondly – the Days on market is reducing and also increasing, depending on the city you are viewing, related to real estate. This is an attempt for the real estate market to stabilize, and it’s doing a fine job.

You can also see, that the Prices per square foot are flattening out and showing “flat price” trends. This is another sign that real estate is staying at the same level as it relates to cost and showing the attainment of market stability.

One of the things that we love to do is give our Santa Clarita housing market updates.

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