We get asked often, “Where can I see the future foreclosures?” That is usually following some statement like they have heard talked about by all of the news sources saying,

– “pending doom, more foreclosures are going to hit the market, the banks are backing up with foreclosures, and record numbers being sold at the Real Estate Auctions.”

Santa Clarita Real Estate and BeyondI have posted pre-built Santa Clarita cities Foreclosure Activity portals at the links below for you to be able to search on your own.  You will find that each page is further customizable by you.  You can change the pre-loaded criertia to only show, for example, Auctions.

You can also click off of a couple boxes and view only the Pre-Foreclosures that have had Notice of Defaults filed against them.  Which, by the way, are a good indicator of coming Foreclosure Activity.  At least the ones that are not being negotiated as Short Sales 🙂

If you desire to change the area that is being viewed – feel free at the top right of the map, the location field is yours to use to your heart’s content.  It does well with Zip Codes or City Names.

BE Safe and please let us know how we can be of service!

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