Santa Clarita real estate buyer experts on videoWe have started work on our Video Series that we give to our Santa Clarita and Vicinity Real Estate buyers that keep them safe and on top of the action of buying real estate.

The access point is going to be by anyone reaching out to us to view real estate, ask questions, and inquire about the home buying process.

You can also gain access for FREE as do our Real Estate buyers when they ask or contact our team.

This not a video system that is sent to your email address.

Some of our Santa Clarita real estate buyers wish to continue anonymity until they decide they are going to buy a home, condo or town-home.

Access is via the links below.  Each Video is accessible from the pages below.  We have 15 real estate videos, each under 3 minutes, that get any real estate buyer to the point of having their offer submitted on the home they want to purchase, by our real estate team at REMAX.

We will have another 15 taking the buyer through counter – countering process to and through escrow to closing on the home they are buying.

Here are the first five that have been posted on our Santa Clarita real estate website, via our macBoX:

  1. Who is the Paris911 Team and advantages of hiring them to help buy real estate?
  2. Types of Lenders and how do loans work?
  3. Why knowing the difference between pre qualification and pre approval are necessary?
  4. How you can get the best “deal” possible on your home loan or refinance!
  5. Using the Lenders Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to your best advantage.

These are only the first five of the 15 we have currently produced. We should have the rest of the series polished off, and uploaded to our Main SCV real estate websites, next week.

We appreciate you trusting our Brand of REMAX and our Team of Paris911. Be safe – search well and reach out to my team directly when you are ready to buy a home or sell one.