It is not often that I discover a resource that has all of the attributes that I can utilize, on a local scale.

We all know of the large “publicly traded” search engines, Bling and GoogleBut what if you are looking for businesses and resources on a local scale?

In the Santa Clarita Valleywe have this covered by the man behind Santa Clarita 411.  I have had occasion to meet Lee Watters and he had developed the Website Santa Clarita 411 with the consumer in mind.

Here you can find out where to shop, take the kids for day care, fun events, dining, and other Service Oriented businesses that have their home in the Santa Clarita Valley.

What is nice about a “local business resource” is the amount of “Accountability” that takes place.

When we have people come to us to utilize our Real Estate Services, we always start with a personal meeting to discuss their goals.  We let them know, face to face, if it is achievable or not.  But that face to face meeting, the hand shake and the looking into a person’s eye is so important to have.  You are a good judge of character (if you are able to read this and have made it to this point in your life, you could not have judged another too wrongly…)

Over the Phone – I have met some brilliant sales people.  But when I met them in person – they failed miserably.  In fact, they appeared nervous, had a sweaty handshake, and were talking so fast, I thought they were speaking in tongues.

That is why the Face to Face, In person meeting is so critical. 

This is Why Lee Watters, with the Santa Clarita 411 site, has built the best Local Search Engine – Everything is Local – and you just might run into one of these service providers somewhere else in the community. 

Gotta Love Accountability 🙂