Accolade by Rob and Rey to Lisa B. Kaul, Connor T. MacIvor and Paris MacIvor via e-mail.

Great update, Connor………….. good info as usual!!
BEST Santa Clarita real estate serviceYou already know how much Rey and I adore and respect Lisa and think she’s the greatest, but we would like you to know that we also think the world of you and Paris.  I’ve never met Paris, or even talk to her on the phone, but Lisa has kept us in the loop this entire time……..about 65 days now on the property so we know what an integral part Paris has played in getting the sellers agent and her boss talking again and opening up the lines of communications when the sellers agent shut down for no apparent reason.

Our deal has had many fits and starts, something that we have never experienced in purchasing real estate the past three decades……….my deals have always been zip, zip, zip, closed in 30 days no fuss no muss.  I feel that there was a few times when our deal was ready to get derailed, but you and Paris, as well as Lisa kept the train on the track, and everything should come to fruition next week. Especially frustrating was when this deal felt like it was potentially falling apart over a $100 a month RV rental spot by a third party.  We still shake our head about that one LOL.

We fund on Tuesday and record on Wednesday and then the owner will be out a few days later so we can begin a new chapter in our lives out in the country where Rey will have plenty of room for his birds and chickens, and I will have my garden, and we can both enjoy the peace and quiet that the country has to offer.

Rey and I told Lisa that of all our real estate transactions she’s the only Realtor that we have ever had a desire to stay in touch with and remain friends.  Rey and I would also like to extend that friendship to you, Connor.  Like we’ve told Lisa, anytime you or Paris are out in the Acton area please stop by to say hello and have something to eat and drink with us.  You are more than welcome to stop by any time, and there is no need to let us know you’re coming in advance………..just come on over and knock on the door, and if I don’t answer come down the driveway because I might just be tending to the chickens 🙂

My Response to Rob and Rey:

My Brothers, 
Your words give me confidence in our team, Lisa and both Paris and I.  Thank you so much for the accolades.
The only problem with real estate is it involves bunches of people.  From the agent’s you hired to the agent representing the other side, seller and more.  In this case – there were even more involved as in your seller was buying another home, and the home they were buying was also dependent on another purchase.
Transactions of this type are exceedingly complex and something small, but in this case “large”, as in the RV, can cause potential issues to those whom we represent.
Sometimes these “more complex” transactions come tumbling down like a house of cards.  When they do it takes savviness that cannot be learned in a textbook, to start building the deal again.
I am grateful in my and Paris’ choice in Lisa – she is a trooper and her code speaks to client care, before, during and after.
That same code is ours as well.  We are not finished with either of you and hope to continue our business and friendship for a long time to come.
We will definitely drop by at some time in the future. The same goes for the both of you, if ever down in our neck of the woods, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can grab a cup…
I am honored by the faith and trust you conveyed to us, and we are looking forward to our future relationship.
Be well my Brothers, and it was mine, Paris’ and Lisa’s Honor to serve and protect you both!!!
We will continue to keep tabs on the transaction, pressing forward to a successful close.
With honor,