First of all, I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX – aka Connor with HONOR. I represent real How to rent and or lease safelyestate buyers and sellers. I do not do any direct lease or rental representation.


Having said that – stay tuned…  I can advertise the heck out of a home you want to rent. I will not do the lease agreement, but I am able to pitch your rental or lease like no other and for FREE!

If you want to rent or lease a property – I do not do the leasing paperwork or rental agreements. However, I will give you the leasing agent’s information so you can call and approach them yourself.

Here are some items to know before you rent or lease a property.

Check with the agent representing the owner of the home and ask if the owner is current on their mortgage payments with all lien holders (banks). Tell them you are asking because you have heard from Connor horror stories of people being evicted shortly after they sign the lease agreement because the owner was behind on their mortgage payments.

Also, if you are approaching a property for rent or for lease on a “Non-multiple listing service” system, you may be gambling with your money and personal/private information.

Here is why. As long as a rental or lease is published in the multiple listing service, by the Board of Realtors, you have a particular level of protection via the rules that are established by parties involved needing to be licensed, bonded and insured.

This will not prohibit the owner from being behind in their payments or the property being in foreclosure. But, it will help that you aren’t dealing with a person that just ran to a print shop, had some “property management” cards printed, found a listing on Craigslist that was vacant, and took out an add in the paper with a “too good to be true” rental or lease deal.  “Bring Cash Deposits” is the sub heading.

Another Tip – How about getting all correspondence with the “leasing or property management” agent in writing. If you are dealing with one of the “owner’s” representative’s, email them a recap of your discussion as you understood it.

This tip of “recapping” by email will give you an edge, if you can get the other party to respond 🙂

Remember me and let me know when you are ready to buy or sell real estate. That is what I do BEST!!! Be safe!