Very few can argue with consumer confidence starting to return to real estate.

We see our real estate buyers adding “value” to the homes that my REMAX of Valencia CA Team sold them.

In fact, with most cases, they are making these moves before their “move in” date.

Holding over with family or at an extended stay hotel during the remodeling.

We get asked the question at REMAX quite often related to, “What should I do with regard to my remodeling project?”

We see that kitchens and bathrooms are priority in our local Santa Clarita real estate market.

Attic and Basement remodeling is not the “thing” in our local market. Primarily due to most of our residences not having them.

In Valencia CA, we are able to find out clients homes that have spacious attic’s. So much so they are able to remodel them into living spaces.

This makes for a great value if done correctly.

Enjoy this SlideShare presentation where we related the costs vs. value as stated by the California Association of realtors and the Hanley Wood Media Cost VS Value Report!

Be safe – reach out to My Paris911 Team when you are ready and thanks for taking the time to view our slideshare presentation!

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