Relocation and moving to or from Santa ClaritaWhen you are considering relocating – it usually involves moving.  And Moving is probably one of the most difficult things in the world.  It always seems to be something of a nuiance. In fact, most of our Buyers – that may have to rent for the time being, do so kicking and screaming due to having to move twice.

Today, with the majority of the “for sale” inventory being Short Sale in process.  It is the case that escrows are moving along at a much slower pace than in a “normal” real estate market.  In a Normal real estate market – 1% of the homes for sale are Foreclosure.  Today, we are above 15% of the available inventory being Foreclosure – actual bank owned – and 65% in short sale (also distressed aka pre-foreclosures). click here for our most recent foreclosure updates

If you have to move – then move well 🙂 Get the best advice and have a read about Moving and the Technological advancements in the relocation game.

Moving is aided by technology. In fact there is no doubt that the entire real estate industry is aided by technology. The internet opens the doors to a wealth of knowledge, providing an immense amount of information on buying and selling homes, financial information, and search options. Going further we know have a world of apps that make our lives easier and while moving is still a hands-on process there are many tools that make the experience more streamlined.

Moving is a much easier prospect than it once was. Take selecting a moving company for example, you can not only locate moving companies in your area via an online search but you can have access to countless reviews at the same time, ensuring that your choice is a good one.  If we can help you find a mover – click here.

Moving is a great time to purge your home of unwanted or unused items that you have collected over time. Luckily instead of hosting a garage sale and wasting a day or two of your valuable time you can host a virtual garage sale by listing your items on ebay, craigslist, or a host of other online selling avenues.

Another advantage of the internet and a variety of apps is the ability to research your new neighborhood. You can locate restaurants, activities, events, and so much more by going to the website for your new town, using an app like urbanspoon, or checking in with the local chamber of commerce online. Moving is a big deal but technology certainly is making it easier to be prepared and organized.

Let us know if you need our guidance.  We have been a one stop shop for those relocating from cities that we don’t personally show properties within.  We have coordinated the real estate agents, the one from where they have to sell their home and move – and the other real estate agent – the one that is going to be representing our REMAX Relocation clients with their purchase.

It’s nice having a coordinator.  Even if you are not considering Southern California – and are relocating to or from somewhere else entirely, give my REMAX Relocation Team a call, Be Safe and talk soon.

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