REMAXIt’s not by accident that RE/MAX is the top real estate company in the world!

We hitched our trailers to the RE/MAX Brand back before 2000.

After we became Realtors, serving our client’s buying and selling needs, we worked at a few different companies.

We worked for the discount brokerages that would take a listing at a super low commission. However, that business model was not able to compete with the likes of a Full Service Brokerage.

When it came to advertising, marketing and the sheer education derived from a Top Realtor Franchise, the discount brokerage could not compete at any level.

We observed this as our sellers listings were not selling as fast as those held by the local mainline brokerages. We also noticed that our showings and leads were less than average.

At that time, we looked at the local REMAX Franchise – the one we are a part of today and observed their “bottom producing” realtors were producing more than our Discount Brokers Top Producers!

Paris and I moved onto another “well known” real estate brokerage. However, it seemed that there was no one sailing that ship.

There was no guidance and no offering of “betterment” for our businesses sake and the sake of our real estate clients.

We then visited REMAX – What a difference.

The offices alone were awe inspiring.

We knew after we walked in through the double doors at the REMAX of Santa Clarita Office located at 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, that we had been wasting our time before.

We are proud to have worked at other real estate companies in the past. We are glad we have something to compare REMAX with and proud to Serve under their all encompassing Red, White and Blue Balloon!