Relocation services in Santa ClaritaWe handle a lot of Relocations to and From the Greater Los Angeles areas and within the Santa Clarita Valley each year.

It’s interesting to see the “differences” between those that have come from the “other parts” of the United States.

The differences come in the ways some are wanting to know the exact measurements of the rooms on a home and using the Price Per Square foot factor when evaluating real estate.

It’s not that those “things” are not known in Southern California. It’s just that those “indicators” are not typically focused on by those whom have been west of the Mississippi too long.

However, we adjust to those clients. If we did not, we could run the gamut with our REMAX of Santa Clarita relocation business.

A few things you should know. Price per square foot is an important factor when looking at homes that are apples to apples in comparison, built on the tract system or part of a master planned community.

With the same builders and approximately 3-7 varying models of homes –  you can take the price per square foot model to the bank.

When it comes to measuring individual rooms, we do that. However – there is not very much variation between the rooms in most of the local Santa Clarita Homes.

You may observe variances of several feet – but hundreds – that is not something we see when it comes to the appraisers and the return of the comparisons related to square footage.

No matter how you “look at” real estate. Your Santa Clarita Relocation Expert should be able to do any adjustments you need to what is “their norm” and what “your norm” is.