Santa Clarita market updates

As far as housing prices in the Santa Clarita Valley cities – we have been increasing for some time now.  That is causing many of the buyers in the current Santa Clarita valley market to become nervous, wondering if they are going to have their chance at obtaining a home.

I will tell you that most of the buyers in the current market don’t get the first thing they are writing an offer on.  They typically have to go through the process several times over before they have their offer selected as the one the seller has chosen.

One way to make this more likely is to work with a team of top producing and local real estate agents.  It does not matter what company – just as long as they are in the “very well known” realm.  You can start your search on line by brand – start with REMAX of Valencia or REMAX of Santa Clarita.

If REMAX is something you are not “comfortable” with – then try Century 21, Realty Executives and Keller Williams.  Look around, see what those agents are writing and then reach out to make at least two appointments with agents from those brokerages.

My Paris911 Team chose REMAX of Santa Clarita for a reason.  That reason is because We determined they were the best fit for our client’s needs.  Having the back up of a 800 pound gorilla is not something to take lightly.

Be safe – search well and reach out to the Paris911 Team when you are ready to “rock and roll” in real estate…