It’s not too confusing, searching for real estate online.

But what it lacks in confusion it can make up for in being dangerouHot homes for Sale in Santa Clarita Valley CAs.

A lot of systems out there monetize your personal and private information.

They sell who you are. They sell your phone number. they sell your email address. They sell your name, your search habits, what you’re looking for, and any other information you having to give up while searching for real estate.

I’m not a fan. I don’t pay for those systems, I don’t pay them for leads, I don’t do it.

I am not a fan.

I am, however a fan of the search engines that we have built for our exclusive Remax of Santa Clarita real estate clients.

That is because our systems update every 7 to 15 minutes.

We have our clients bragging that their friends and family, do not get access to the listings that they’re finding on our multiple-listing service.

They also brag about the fact that their friends and family are finding listings that are no longer available, because the system either did not update, or because they’ve been left active to be misleading.

As I stated before, during our crash course in real estate, we explain how dangerous searching for Santa Clarita real estate listings online can be.

There are better ways to search. I would suggest you check out the search option within our Santa Clarita real estate website.

Or you can go to

I’m Connor MacIvor, I’m one of the team leaders of Remax of Santa Clarita is Paris nine one one.

We hope to have you contact us, To help you with a search, to show you how to set up your own search, or to have us serve you the premarket listings as they become available.