There is a process that should be followed when wanting to buy real estate and homes.

One step in the process is the Final Walk Through. It’s also called the Buyers Verification of Property.

real estate paris911This is the time when a real estate buyer is able to walk through the home, just before the money is sent and the property records, to make sure everything is okay.

By Okay, I mean as expected. Delivered as Expected.

Maybe during the process of buying the home, you negotiated some items that were going to be repaired by the seller.

So, during the walk through you are going to want to look for those items having been repaired.

Maybe you observed some wood that needed replacement on the termite report. That is something you will want to look for.

It could be the property is tenant occupied. Maybe it was agreed that the tenants were to be out of the property 10 days before escrow closes.

During the walk through, you see that the tenants have not moved out and nothing is packed.ย That is when you can have your agent stop the presses and not have the escrow close because of a violation.

There are many reasons to do the final walk through and buyer verification when buying a home.

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