I just love Google and their Google locations for business pages.

We are also proud members on Google plus, where our clients love to hang out.

Google Plus and Facebook – and there is also pinterest – and Twitter 🙂

As you maybe able to determine, It’s hard for me to decide which “social media” platform I love the most.

However, because Google is the place to be for our REMAX of Santa Clarita business, that would have to be my number one.

We have a daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show that we, well, do daily!

During our seven day a week format we cover such Santa Clarita Housing topics as the current inventory levels – Such as these:

  • Currently in all of the Santa Clarita Valley we have 571 real estate listings that are “active” and for sale

  • My Team has been monitoring 277 real estate listings that are currently in “backup” status (in escrow)

  • 209 homes, condos and townhomes are in the pending status of escrow

  • Santa Clarita has 1057 homes that are on the market for sale or in escrow currently as of 2/10/2015 1050hrs

Then on Monday’s we give our Monday market updates and provide our clients an intimate look at the current market numbers with regard to Santa Clarita Housing.

During these times, we speak about the news and events in the world that may provide change to the real estate market and housing cycles.

Make sure you tune in to our Santa Clarita housing and radio show.