Paris and I have been catering to the men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department since our start in real estate. That was back in 1998. We are not those who took our mission lightly.

Some brag about “cousin of – sister of – wife of”… We were the real thing once upon a time. We weren’t those that “pentioned” off and then started another career. Real Estate is our Full time Gig with no supplemental income.

That admission means a lot to the rank and file that utilize our real estate services. Including the men and women of local Law Enforcement.

I am “honorably retired” from the LAPD. This is because of all of the time I spend as a full time cop, 17 years, then quitting, but remaining a reserve officer for an additional 5 years.

When it came to us working with Law Enforcement as our Primary Focus, we found that people from the “other walks of life” wanted to utilize our service too.

So hence our Brand and the way in which we advertise to the men and women of law enforcement.

Contact us when you are ready and we will be glad to be of service.

Santa Clarita LASD Realtors