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New Santa Clarita home builders

It was not by chance. Both Paris and I were taken badly when we purchase our first home back in 1996. We did not know any better and the agent could have provided worse representation, but it was not the case.

It all started by us wanting to purchase new housing in Stevenson Ranch. The homes were new, nice, and loaded with extras. The prices were not much different than the re-sale homes the agent was showing us. He did his best to “steer” us away from the new housing, stating they were “not reliable” by constuction standards as compared with the older homes. Knowing what we know now, the new home communities were not cooperating with agents at that time. Meaning, they were not paying the agent's a commission, to represent buyers, as they do now.

Before I get to the rest of the story, I'd like to clear the air with regard to new home representatives and new home builders. It does not cost you anything to use your very own real estate agent at the new housing centers. It does not take away from any of the incentives, in any way what so ever, when using your own realtor. Your own real estate agent will be your best advocate and, as stated previously, does not detract from what you have coming to you from the new home builders.

Today the new home communities in the Santa Clarita Valley have become much more “gratitutious”, when dealing with the local real estate agents representing buyers at the new home centers. This is because they understand that our clients(the local realtor's clients) work with a multitude of buyers. In addition, they know that buyers in any market deserve their own representation and the new home builder has theirs and buyers should have those on their side also.

Our's was a “disclosure” issue – in fact many. You can read more about our unfortunate experience by heading to our Page.

Team up with a top Real Estate company. Speak with those agents that are and professional in their field. It will mean the difference between you getting what you want and not.