Leave it to REMAX international and REMAX of California and Hawaii to give the best intel when it comes to housing and the market updates they produce by YouTube Vid’s.

Here is the most recent interaction between REMAX and the local Market.  Most of the trends you are viewing on this video are applicable to the local markets.

However, The Santa Clarita Valley cities are seen as being above the national average when it comes to real estate and the housing world. We fall slower and climb faster in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities than most other areas in the USA.

With a few exceptions – one of which would be Beverly Hills California.

In fact, if you click on the photo in this REMAX posting update of The Paris911 Team’s Beverly Hills Realty for Sale website, you will see what we are talking about.  Beverly Hills has surpassed their “height of the market” number achieved back in 2007.  Today they are Higher than they were prior to the last RE bubble popping.

We are known by our clients that utilize our real estate services as the “outsiders” in zip code 90210.  That is because we are about 30 minutes to the north east, depending on traffic.

The facts are sometimes our “non local” Beverly Hills real estate affiliation benefits our clients because we are not involved in the local politics and are able to put deals together, when some of the locals have way too much baggage with those agents that frequent the “million dollar listing” channels…

I know what you are thinking, “Connor, didn’t you say it would be better to only work with local real estate agents when wanting to buy or sell real estate?” – I absolutely did say that and I still do.  With few exceptions, that is the best way to procure and to list real estate to the advantage of the buyer or seller.

However, When it comes to some facets of life and certain endeavors, a “non local team”, that has a total grasp of a non-local market, could give a buyer or seller the advantage in a much more concise and streamlined way.  Including the fact that anonymity and the “three men can keep a secret, if two are dead philosophy”, may/will be better adhered to.