REMAX CollectionWhen people Talk about Los Angeles – some know of the “Rich and Wonderful” Luxury Home Market that exists there.

They know that internal Cities like Malibu, Brentwood and Bel Air, are within Los Angeles and have a popular Luxury Home Market.

Resource – See the Top Luxury Homes and Estates in Los Angeles

The “thing” that is important when wanting to get your Luxury Home Evaluated, priced and marketed is how “influential” your Realtor is within the Local Luxury Home Markets.

What do they have backing them up when it comes to marketing and selling your Luxury Home?

Are they part of a Worldwide Luxury Home Brand, or are they not?

Maybe it won’t matter in your case, due to your property not being located in a place that is considered to have strong Luxury Home pulse.

We teamed up with the RE/MAX Collection to offer our Luxury home sellers more than they would be able to get anywhere.

It comes down to this. Hate or Like Them – The most famous Police Department in the world is the LAPD. There have been successful TV shows built around the Los Angeles Police Department and more. When I wanted to be a cop, I wanted to be with the BEST and Most Famous. I achieved my goal back October 9, 1990.

When I wanted to be a Full Time Realtor, I looked at the other companies and one Brand shined above all others, that Brand was RE/MAX.

Back in 2000, after becoming licensed in 1998, I joined RE/MAX of California and Hawaii.  We are Realtors with RE/MAX of California Headquartered in Valencia CA. We serve the Greater Los Angeles Areas and are Proud to be at your Service with regard to any Luxury Real Estate endeavor.