SWAT team preparing Before making a move – or maybe before choosing a home – you will want to contact the local law enforcement office and inquire about the area you are considering.

There are certain things that we call all live with – but if you move in without knowing what to expect, you are causing yourselves a huge disservice and possibly harm.

There are a lot of sites that will prepare you for living inside of a particular city or community.  But the best way is to give a call to the officer or deputy working the desk and finding out what they think.  We would do it for you, but we think it is best for it to be done by the prospective homeowner.

Also – don’t forget door knocking – We mandate all of our clients find out who is who in reference to their future neighbors. 

It must be our Backgrounds that motivate us to find out about who you will be living next too – it will serve you well.