Saugus California is located just north of the City of Los Angeles in the Suburb of Santa Clarita Valley.  In fact, Suburb might not fit as correctly as an independent valley.  There is an infrastructure in place, commerce, business, manufacturing, Sheriff Services, Fire and Parametric, and some of the best schools in the free world.

If you look between the 5 freeway and the 14 freeway – you will find Saugus CA.  There are great restaurants, shopping and I have mentioned the schools – but something that we specialize in are the houses.

You can run the gam-met between housing near $100,000 to very close to a Million Dollars.  For investors – Cash flow possibilities abound.  For those first time buyers, move up people, singles, families, executive, and any other possible combination you can think of – Saugus California might just be the best fit for you and yours.

So if you are on the prowl for Real Estate, you are looking to Relocate to Saugus California or other Southern California Cities, you are wondering about Real Estate investing – you should check out Real Estate Search Site for all of Southern California.  You can also get set up on a Foreclosure Property Inquiry Search Platform that will keep you posted every single time there is a new Foreclosure Asset that comes onto the market for sale, Here are just a few of the banks that populate the Foreclosure Database that I build for our clients:

  • Bank of America
  • Countrywide (soon merging with B of A)
  • Citi Bank – Citi Financial
  • Wells Fargo
  • J.P. Morgan-Chase (just bought WAMU)
  • Corporate Investor companies
  • LLC’s
  • Trusts
  • Everyone that has Foreclosure Assets to Sell

Enjoy the ride – it has been crappy, but I know that things will not always stay this way – things will someday be better and we will still be helping our Clients with Real Estate in Saugus California when the Dust Settles.  We love Active Rain and make the connections for you!

Don’t forget to call (877)977–REMAX if you have any questions…

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