There are many of those out in the world that call themselves Realtors. In fact, there are probably as many realtors as there are Attorneys.

Santa Clarita Brokers best advertisementNeither are a bad thing, but when it comes to finding a good one, that can seem like an insurmountable task.

When we started in the real estate business, we did not start at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA.  We started at another real estate company.

In fact, the company I started at touted a very inexpensive amount to get 100% commission each months.  I think I only paid $118.00 for each month.

Everything else I earned by commission went to me minus some small amount for Errors and Ommissions Insurance.

However, ask me how well trained I was.  Ask me about how strong that companies brand was.  Ask me if I thought me being with that company was the most advantageous for my clients.

A resounding “NO” would fill the room if you had asked.  There are still a lot of real estate companies in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Some have a world wide presence and are established in most all 50 states.

Some are only local Boutique brokerages – who you want to use is up to you.