Realtors fight to expand loan protections – Mortgage Insider : The Orange County Register.

If you are short selling we have you do your homework. If you are choosing another Realtor to negotiate the short sale you need to note a few items:

  1. Does the Realtor you are hiring have any Short Sale Certifications showing them as an expert?
  2. How many successful short sales have they negotiated? (certifications are one thing – but proof is in the pudding!)
  3. Do they hire an off site “professional” negotiator, or do they do it in house? (because of all the contracts and our client’s demanding a higher-level of accountability, we have hired a in house Short Sale negotiator that holds a plethora of Short Sale Certifications and is running a 100% negotiation and closure rate)
  4. Has your Realtor asked you questions concerning whether you refinanced and took money out to purchase or pay for items other than improvements or investments back into the Real Property?
  5. Did your Realtor assign you homework to speak with a Legal Arm of their Short Sale Business and a CPA or Tax Attorney about Future Legal – Tax implications and liabilities?

Short Sales are not easy. In fact, they are not only time consuming, they are, in some cases, impossible due to the people on the other end of the phone or e-mail.  The banks have case guidelines and their rules of engagement are clearly laid out for them to adhere to.

However, getting around the Gate Keeper with regard to Short Sales is a key component to the Paris911 Short Sale Negotiation System.