Realtor-backed mortgage measure passes Senate – Mortgage Insider : The Orange County Register.

The Article definitely has Something to consider when thinking about having a Short Sale Negotiated.

If you did not take any money out of the house you are considering short selling – this bill will help you once approved in it’s final form.

It really will come down to your agent’s negotiation capability with the bank if you have indeed taken any money out during your time of ownership – without reinvesting it into the home you are thinking of short selling.

We have had HELOC (home equity line of credit loan)  short sales and short sales that had taken money out to purchase luxuries – Also to Pay Bills – we have been able to handle those loose ends protecting our clients from future damage.

Our negotiator?  He was hired for the Purpose of negotiating all of the Paris911 Team’s Short Sale files.

“Tim has a gift when it comes to representing our Short Sale clients, they feel safe and secure throughout escrow.  He keeps them in the loop and has done some Stellar Negotiation on our Team’s Short sales…”

Besides, it does not hurt that he has connections at most of the major banks’ Short Sale Departments.