Hey everyone, I have just finished compiling the number for my Santa Clarita California Market update for today, October 8, 2009.

We have been waiting for a large number of foreclosures to come onto the market in the Santa Clarita Valley and Elsewhere in Southern California – but that has not happened as of yet.

It is not because we have a lack of foreclosures, bank owned, or real estate owned properties, it has to do with the “big plan”.

What is the “big plan”? – It is an attempt to keep the Owners that have defaulted inside of their residences, modifying the payments, interest rates and in some cases attacking principal.  But the Attacking of Principle is something that I have not seen personally – but have only heard “Legends” about.

Twenty Two listings came onto the market in the last 24 hours, 4 of which were Real Estate owned – you can view all of the real estate owned, foreclosures, here at our reoengine site – which I have prepared by subscription with regard to the foreclosures and bank owned listings for the Santa Clarita Valley.

Short Sales toppel the charts – There are a lot of people that are having real issue with their adjustible interest rates – popping at the tune of better than a $600 a month increase in payment.

So – what can you do – utilize a team that has your Short Sale at their heart and will not steer you wrong. 

“Here is how we do our Short Sales – I appreciate all of the certifications to handle distressed properties and I am sure they have their place.  But I am thinking that we want a Legal team on our side doing the negotiation.

That is what we have, we have hired a Law Firm to do our Short Sale Negotiation – they do it very well and are yours to have on Retainer – We pay that fee from what the bank pays us – we don’t even charge any of that fee to the other agent that is bringing the buyer.  We don’t charge you – you should not pay anything out of pocket to have an agent or Real Estate firm handle your short sale

– We work Short Sales Very well.

7 of the new listings on the market are in Short Sale configuration.  Make sure you are well represented with having a Short Sale negotiated – That is sage advice.