Since 1998 – When we stared our Real Estate Business – We have carved a niche from what we knew best – Police, Deputies and Fire.  We know those that work in the “sworn” venues because of what I did for 17 years full time -overlapping my Real Estate Business.  LAPD.  Today, still remaining a Full Line Reserve officer for the PD – I have my friends in the profession including those men and women with whom I served with for so many years.

There are a lot of those in our industry, Real Estate, that think developing a niche and brand around the sworn memembers of Society is crazy.  We have been told so – but we are about wanting our Real Estate business to be “comfortable”.  In fact, we find working with those with whom I have this commonality to be very comfortable and places all involved parties at ease.

Those that work in these professions have one thing in common – they hate the “high pressure” sales game.  They want to be dealt with from the hip without any smoke and mirrors. It seemed in the beginning they were totally opposite from the civilian population – but we have come to find out – Everyone wants to be treated in this way. Law Enforcement and Fire Department personnel are not as different as people like think.