Let it not be said that my Paris911 real estate team is about pressure. When you are considering a move, due to being relocated, 80% of the recon should be done before your first flight or trip.

We have been working with our Santa Clarita Relocation business since we founded our real estate team with REMAX in 1998. We found then, as is relevant today, good real estate relocation agents are hard to find.

Out latest clients came from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mr and Mrs Pierce came out with their children, flying into Burbank Airport.

This was our first physical face to face. We had conducted several webinars so we could dial down their needs. I also responded to questions via our video email platform. The single thing I continued to stress was, “do not be in a hurry.”

After our in office meeting we set out and viewed 12 properties. 3 of which were not on the market as of yet. (it pays big for our clients to have good relationships with others in our industry of real estate.).

We broke for lunch. I directed them to the Salt Creek Grill at Valencia Town Center. Upon returning two hours later, we were on the hunt again. We found the perfect home and headed back to the office to pull comps to establish a reasonable purchase price and offer.

Leaving all of the contingencies in place, the Pierce’s were well covered.

4 days later, after our offer was accepted. The Pierce’s called me and sounded distraught on the phone. I asked if everything was okay? They responded that the relocation was not going to take place. Mr Pierce’s company had decided to relocate him and his family to Denver Colorado. I asked if that was all? There was a pause, then they said Yes.

I gave a sigh of relief. I said I thought it was something serious. I explained that was what my 17 years as a LAPD regular earned me. The ability to see the fact that it can always be worse.

I heard a chuckle. Reassured them that their deposit would be returned in short order and was able to refer them to a Remax relocation specialist I knew in Denver.

Be safe.