Number 1 in Valencia California on Active Rain, it has been a slow but steady climb.  I have written and written some more.  I have read and responded via comment.  I have been berated and yelled at (IN CAPITALS).  But the ride has been phenomenal and I would not trade it for the world.

I was introduced to Blogging by Jeff Turner who is the president of Real Estate Shows.  Real Estate Shows is a fantastic platform that has been worked and re-worked as a sort of “purple cow” where a Realtor can take several pictures of a newly acquired listing and have a virtual tour built – there is also mp4 conversion capability, and uploading to several fantastic Real Estate Websites.  The price???  Less that 130 bucks a year for unlimited shows.  Oh, BTW – this is not limited for just Real Estate Advertising – you can put pictures of anything you want and have the show built – so if you have kids in sports, a business you want to get on you tube or anything else – this is the way to go…

But I Digress – We have Real Estate News available from Realty Times – which I pay for to have our Clients able to obtain the most current real estate news.  The URL is easy to remember and it is available at Real Estate News 911 . com (which is very typical for our Paris911 Team

at RE/MAX of Valencia.

Finally, Active Rain, where I have been plugging away for some time now – we are number 1 in Valencia CA and soon are going to be over riding the Santa Clarita position – It is dangerous to be asleep at the wheel – so stand by and enjoy the fireworks.

100_2048I will be at Davis Academy giving the Shotgun Briefing couple with the Safety briefing for the Upcoming Motor School for the LAPD.  I love teaching by doing and I am in the MODE for (can’t think of a word that rhymes with Mode except Load, but it does not fit).