Charlatans, non hackers, part timers, and those out there are are looking to make a fast buck.  Real Estate is not for you.  In order to turn a fast dollar in the Real Estate Industry you would have to step on another for your own selfish – personal gain.

The i’s would not be dotted and the t’s would not be crossed as they should be.  The agent would not take their time in finding out what your needs really are, by their assessment of your verbal and non verbal indications.  They would not care to look forward to the next five years to make sure that what you are doing now will not have a severe negative impact.

Where do you go to find someone that will do this for you?  When you are speaking with a prospective agent over the telephone, give it a test, is it the best time to buy real estate?  Will you meet me at a home I saw for sale?  Do you have a “real” office equipped with a door?  Are you a Part time Agent – Does your family depend on you succeeding in Real Estate as the primary means of support?

These questions, although they don’t appear to have anything to do with Real Estate and you choosing wisely – They have everything to do with those topics.  You want to make sure you hire a Business Person that is dug in deeper than others in their field with regard to the service you seek.  You want the subject matter expert in the Real Estate field and then you want then to take the time with you and explain their services and brain storm your goals.

Paris always likes to say when people call her to run out and show them a property that they had just drove by, “You are not buying a pair of shoes”, “so I am not going to treat this phone call as if I am going to tell you that we have one size 7 left in the patent leather…”

There are a lot of agents that will show up for callers, callers they have never met, and open the home for them.  I don’t play risky with my clients hard earned monies – and I don’t play risky with my or my teams health.  Who knows who this caller is and no commission in the world is worth my rolling those dice.

Furthermore, you need to get the entire story about how this Real Estate thing works.  I know we don’t loan money, we don’t do loans, but we are extremely knowledgeable about how they work and what you need to watch out for to keep safe.  If you have bought or sold, let us say 5 homes to this point, you might consider yourself an expert.  However, it is always refreshing to speak with someone that is also an expert and closes that amount of homes on a weekly basis.  We both might learn something from one another.

Don’t forget as a buyer of Real Estate, you don’t pay our commission.  Our commission is always paid by the Seller, whether the seller is a bank, private person, corporation, or another player, you don’t pay for us.  So you might as well get the best and never settle.  Also, you would be surprised how many of the “thieving” agents have paperwork drawn up to get an additional commission from a buyer.  Paris and I have heard many stories in our office during our orientation meetings with potential sellers and buyers about how they paid an additional commission to the agent that represented them.   Don’t get caught in that trap.

Do your on-line diligence, make sure your agent is not “secret” that they take each and every asset that they are going to sell in the face of everyone – and not just trying, but selling that seller’s home with all of their might.  Also make sure that your agent has resources and a presence in the WWW – That is where we are going to connect with others in this industry and where we are going to get you the best information about what is out there for sale.  We want to make sure that you have all of the facts, from verifiable sources within Real Estate and some that are not – So go to our site and see how many resources you can find that we have explaining how the process works and what a success our clients have made The Paris911 Team at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita.