If you are thinking about getting into the Real Estate Business, you are not alone.  Almost everyone of our clients has stated at one time or another, “this looks easy, I am thinking about getting into your business, can you help me?”

Our answer is always, “yes”.  But we also say that we just did not arrive in Real Estate and that it took the past 11 years of Paris’ Blood, Sweat, Stress and Tears.  I was the shoulder, sweater and bleeder as well. 

She did not have the luxury of being a “buyers agent”.  She was tried by fire each and every step of the way.  There was no “source” she could rely on in the Real Estate Business that would have been there for her if and when she came across an issue that she was not able to resolve on her own.

I was in the background, having achieved my CA State Real Estate license approximately 6 months ahead of Paris, my employer and career was the LAPD.

But I was always making a better Brand, working on the getting of “REMAX’s Paris911 Team” out to the masses.  I developed a specific “skill set” that I am willing to teach.

It comes down to a superior grasp of “social networks”.  Lots of Failure and wasted hours typing Blogs, only to have them not upload and become unrecoverable.  Finding out what works with regard to Client Procurement and management.  Speaking to clients and more importantly “Listening”.

My Background with the LAPD was working the DUI watch for a majority of the time, on the LAPD’s Motor Squad.  During my 17 years active, I was able to become a certified instructor in Handgun, Shotgun, Glock, Drug Recognition Expert Instruction, Radar, Laser, and was a certified Instructor Development Instructor Graduate as well as a Trained Peer Counselor.  I was also blessed not to only go through the instructor courses – but practical application by teaching hundreds of hours to In-service, Academy Recruits and Outside Law Enforcement Agencies.

So, as far as being able to perform what I was teaching, I had to on all levels.  I was required to know the subject matter so well as to be able to talk it, perform it flawlessly, and make the student proficient in it.

When it comes to passing along what I have learned about Social media and conveyance of the “how to” style that Paris and I have adopted, I can do that with ease.

If I don’t understand the nuts and bolts of something, I need to take it apart and see the “how”, but once I get the “how and why” I work it until it is refined and then see if it will make a good addition with regard to Client Support or Lead generation – if not it is abandoned but not forgotten.  A lot of the technology that I see coming onto the Real Estate Venue just needs some fine tuning to become a GREAT tool for your tool-box.

There is a better way than the Real Estate Hard Style of “high pressure”.  A “non-canned” way to present from your center than to read off of scripted Cards.  In a past generation that worked well because there was a certain “mystery” with how a Real Estate agent operated.  But now we have noticed that some of our clients are better informed than most active agents.  Why?  The Internet and the Search engines. 

By typing a topic into Bing or Google – you can find out about anything under the Sun and Beyond it for that matter.  With 87% of people in the world using this resource to find information and shop for Real estate – you need to give this the attention it deserves.

The Next Step?  E-mail me at connor@paris911.com and I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember the difference between a Bad Real Estate agent and a Good Real Estate Agent is the Bad Real Estate agent is looking to the Next Paycheck, The Good Real Estate Agent is looking to the Next Lifetime Client! – Connor and Paris MacIVOR