We have been watching the Daily real estate numbers as they relate to the sold and properties that have entered “into escrow”.  There is one thing that is clear with regard to Santa Clarita Real Estate, we are no longer on the decline.

if you go to our Pricing Pages for the Santa Clarita Cities and check our interactive graphs.  You may be surprised to see some “flat spots” with the up’s and down’s that are typical in any real estate market.  What you want to do when viewing pricing trends is to back the graph out and look at a much longer time frame – here is an example:

Valencia CA real estate prices

 As you can see in the above graph – this is only three months of inventory for Valencia CA – you can see there are more abrupt changes.  However there is only a 5K variation in home prices contained within the period between November 2012 and January 2013.

Santa Clarita real estate prices

 Looking at this pricing graph for Valencia CA – you can see that it goes back over 5 years.  The change in pricing is not a mere 5K spread.  We are looking at a 200K spread between the top of the real estate market in Valencia CA versus today.  

Is real estate still ‘on sale’ in Valencia CA – Absolutely yes, only if we could get some more inventory…

A recent report shows improvement in real estate across the country.  The well known S&P/Case-Schiller index shows that the 10 city index and the 20 city index a marked improvement in real estate in the majority of cities that it tracks.  What the reports displays are small improvements or minimal devaluation in home values.  Home values are up anywhere from .1% to 3.4% in ten cities. In other areas real estate values have remained flat and in harder hit areas home values are decreasing at significantly lower rates.

While the news is certainly not staggering it is encouraging because it indicates that real estate markets across the Country are leveling out.  Home values are falling less sharply and people are being drawn back into the real estate market.  It is no surprise what is stimulating the market.  Low home values, low interest rates and the aversion of the Fiscal Cliff have combined to create an ideal buyer’s market.

However the lacking inventory in our local Santa Clarita Valley has turned the market on it’s head yet again and it creating an optimal sellers market.

Be Safe – Search well and let us know when you are ready to be Relocated to the Santa Clarita Valley cities.