Probably not what you expected from our Daily REMAX of Valencia CA Radio show. We aren’t slamming anyone, we are getting the word out that all Agents are not Created Equally. In addition, it is a benefit for your agent to talk with you about the silent treatment in real estate.

Here is the run down. We had a client a couple of weeks ago write an offer on a home they wanted to buy. Actually, I wrote the offer – but I digress.

The Valencia CA home was listed by one of those “out of area” real estate agents. The only phone number that was within the MLS was an office number. I figured that would work, so I gave the phone number a call and received a voice mail.

I figured some more, thinking that the phone number may page someone on the other end. I left my information and the fact I submitted an offer to “Agent X” about “property X”.

I then went back to my email to see if Agent X had sent me one of those warm and fuzzy emails, “Thank you Connor for submitting your offer, I cannot wait to do a deal with you, Let me reach out to my seller ASAP and I’ll advise you by the time you indicated as your deadline on the offer…”

(if another real estate agent is reading this, you know this never happens – but I can always hope…)

After opening my email box I saw it…  Returned to sender – Undeliverable… So much for the email that is within the MLS system.

I double checked it just to make sure I had the agent’s email address right. I did  🙂

I then decided to go to one of the online search engines – I started with Google and Ended up with Bing.

No dice, no website, no other phone number, just some of the agents listings on a few of the Yellow Page type of sites.

We are Friday about 3:30pm – I gave the seller until Sunday at 3:30pm to respond. However, it looks as if I won’t hear from this agent.

I was hoping the phone number at their office, the only number for them in the MLS, was accurate and that it had some type of system that would alert someone to call me back. There was no such system.

I was dead in the water – so was my client’s offer. There was nothing left to do but continue to try.

I called the office line that was the only phone number for this agent in the MLS about 0900am Monday – I spoke with the person who answered the phone at their office.

I asked where Agent X was and they said, “away from the office, would you like his voice mail?”

I asked if the voice mail system pages him, and the lady said she was not sure.

I asked for a different email and she verified the one I had was the correct one.

I then told her the email story and she said she did not know anything about that.

I asked for an office email, they had nothing like that either. I asked her if I could send the offer to her and she could make sure he gets it – and she responded that is not the way offers are submitted…

I then asked her for the listing agent’s cellular or mobile phone.  She said it’s not on record…

I asked if there was an office manager I would be able to speak with. She said they did not have one.

I then went all the way to the top – “May I please speak with the Broker!”

She said “sure, do you want leave him another voice mail message…”

This is not how real estate is supposed to work – This is a morsel of frustration. Ask your agent to share with you and know this, when you write an offer, it may take a while for your representative to get confirmation of acceptance.