There is so much to learn from books, audio tapes, direct instruction, and other sources.  However, some of the best learning take place by experience.

Some folks cannot learn any other way.  They must “experience” it to actually understand it and learn it.

Teaching how to interview a real estate agentReal estate is a two fold education model. You have classroom instruction(online), then you have “on the job”, OTJ, training.

The LAPD was very similar. I remember many of my training officer telling me to “forget what you learned in the academy boot…”, “That stuff is going to get you hurt out here in the streets…”

They meant well, and I understood at the time. The “streets” taught me much more than I learned in the Academy.

In fact, some direct application of academy learned tactics, could have gotten me killed.

I’m glad for the advice, and I used it well.

In real estate, there is nothing quite like learning it with direct application. Some agents work for other agents to “learn” the trade and the tricks there of. Most agents teach the “trickery” as it is applied to getting sellers and buyers to work with them.

That never sat well with me. That high pressure thing was not a business model I appreciated, because I never wanted it to be used on me.

Therefore, I broke out of that model and started to see how we, At The Paris911 Team, could be the best realtors when serving our Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate.

I did it. Our team is able to have access to the maximum amount of real estate listings for our real estate buyers, even listings that are not on the market for sale. 

We are also, proven by track record, able to put our sellers homes, condos and townhomes that we are selling, in front of more eyeballs than any other real estate team by the traffic generated by our blogs and on-line channels.

We have always thought that the consumer should be best protected, and that protection comes in the form of knowledge. That is why we built this Slideshare presentation about the questions that are most applicable when hiring a real estate agent.

It does not matter whether you are a buyer or seller, the agent you are interviewing will be able to curtail their responses that fit your position, whether buyer or seller, in the real estate process. And if they cannot, you will want to look for another agent 🙂