real estate experts not lead generatorsFrom Travis via our Main SCV realtor website and the contact us form therein.

“I wish to say that I was impressed by Conner when I asked what my home was worth.

I don’t want to sell and I don’t even think Conner is anywhere close to Hawthorne – but he did respond.

It was a couple of days later when I had a video for me in my email. He showed me what my home was worth and why.

He also gave me all of the “back up” data, on which he prepared his value report.

I told him that I would review him for being so kind – so here it is.

Thanks Connor, by the way – if we wanted to sell, would you come to Hawthorne?”

I thought this was a nice accolade about how we do our property valuations. As long as I have access to the real estate data, I can give you what your home is worth.

I am able to get it done for most of the Cities in Southern California. It’s nice getting an experts opinion about what a home is worth without having to be perpetually bothered those that have sold your personal and private information to a dozen hungry real estate agent.

“And Yes, Travis – I’ll come to Hawthorne to sell your home…” – Connor

BTW – I’m honored that you’d ask 🙂