We have a lot of buyers that have come to us for advice regarding what they should do in order to move up.  We have to admit to all of our clients that now is not a very good time to sell.  If you can swing it, hold on to your assets and buy something else.  Rent them out.  But, while this might be sage advice for some, it is totally not able to be done by others.

So, as we work in the Field of Real Estate and consult with different sellers and buyers, we evaluate everyone on a case by case basis and brainstorm their specific needs and desires together.

When is a leasing and property management company totally 100% on your side? 

Interesting question and I guess that before that question can be answered, we need to see what the Leasing and Management company also is involved in.

I have run into some great Property Management Companies in the Santa Clarita Valley and Elsewhere where we operate in a Real Estate Representation mode.  What makes them special and a perfect fit for our clients is that they just do Property Management 100% of the time. They do not practice, nor are they involved in, buyer or seller representation.  They are property management tried and true.

Where are the ethical boundaries when a property management company also functions as a Real Estate Buyer/Seller Representation company?  Maybe not so much a question of ethical – but where are their interests?  I would imagine that there is more commission if they sell the home and dissuade you from attempting to rent it out.  Maybe in the Short-Run – But not in the long run. We are about the “long tail” Real Estate Business at RE/MAX and The Paris911 Team.

How do you know 100% that they have done everything in their power to find you a tenant when they also can sell that home and earn a commission?  I guess you don’t.  How do you know if you are just wanting to rent, that they are not bending the numbers in order to get you to buy?  Again, questions that have an ethical base and somewhat intangible.

The bottom line:  Do your share of interviews. I might even throw a pitch, curving, to see if they swing at it – To ascertain whether their allegiance is truly with me and with what I need and want to do.

I have never felt comfortable dealing with a One Stop Shop.  The same can be said of Loan Originators that also function as Realtors.  I understand loans, as I mandate everyone on our team doing the same, but I will stick with what I know best and that is Real Estate Representation. 

I like the position of being able to call those that are attempting to take advantage of my clients, on the proverbial carpet and letting them know that it will not be tolerated.