Our two previous Friday Finale Episodes that we had hosted on our Top Realtors Blog for Santa Clarita CA are here:Top Santa real estate listing team

Have you ever wondered what the various real estate statuses mean?  What about where you could go to find out?

We have those posted within our Santa Clarita realtor macBoX that is posted at the top of the main Santa Clarita real estate website.

Type the word “Backup” into the MacBoX to see the listings that have just entered escrow and what that status really means in the world of local Santa Clarita real estate.

You are also able to type in the word “status” to see all of the various property modes to get the intel as to what they mean in the local real estate world.

We have been working in the real estate venue since 1998 and the internet sure has changed things for the better.

While the real estate agents are not going to go the same way as the Travel Agent Industry, we are needing to be better than other agents in the mix.

There is room at the top for only one agent or team and we are doing our business daily, giving first, to achieve that goal.

I’m Connor – thanks for visiting our Friday Finale Page and checking out the latest share of our show.