Funny thing happened to me on my way to the office.

I was driving and I received a phone call from a local number.

The person on the other end informed me that she was a Realty Executives realtor and that her son found a foreclosure listing on one of my websites.

Foreclosure system

She was referring to our Santa Clarita Foreclosure Blog.

That is where I talk about the Santa Clarita Foreclosure market, the changes in the distressed data, and the best way in which to find them and buy them.

I also get into the advantages of working with those experts that have stood the test of time when it came to Pre Foreclosures and Short Sales.

The Realty Exec's Agent continued. She has reconned the property with her Title Officers and they could not find it.

She inquired online and she could not find the intel, except on our Santa Clarita Foreclosures and Bank Owned Website.

Hear me now, I rarely help other realtors out, they should be expending the money to build the systems that our clientele find necessary to search well online and find things other “realtors” don't have.

However, this time, I went against my rule. She was nice, complimentary and did not come across arrogant.

I texted her back for her email address and then sent her the data sheet via PDF report from our Santa Clarita Foreclosure System.

The gist of this post? We have some of the best access points in the SCV Cities to Foreclosures, distressed and other types of real estate you will not find anywhere.

The best thing is we are not gaming anyone. We are local Realtors and care about our reputation in the Real Estate business within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Make sure you tune into tomorrow for our Truth in Lending real estate radio show where we will talk about cross qualification within real estate and why it is nothing to be offended about.

I'm Connor MacIvor, REMAX of Santa Clarita and Glad to be of service.