Energy efficiency and greener building practices have begun to take hold across the Country, spurring incentives that warrant making home improvements to existing homes as well as better practices for building new homes.  Currently President Obama is considering federal incentives to homeowners who make energy efficient improvements to their homes.  Santa Clarita Valley homes was not the target community – but will be caught up in this legislation.

President Obama had said that energy efficiency “creates jobs, saves money for families, and reduces the pollution that threatens our environment.  With additional resources, in areas like advanced manufacturing of wind turbines and solar panels, for instance, we can help turn good ideas into good private-sector jobs.”

Providing incentives to home owners to make their properties more energy efficient will not only help the homeowner but help the economy, seen as two major players in exiting the recession that has affected our Nation’s economy.

The possible legislation could provide 50% rebates up to $12,000 in incentives for product costs as well as installation costs of energy efficient home improvements that could include appliances, insulation, solar products and more.  The legislation is in the planning phase but is something Obama is planning on introducing.

It might not be such a good thing for Property sellers and Homeowners – We will have to wait and see the final draft.

For more information on possible legislation click here to a view an article posted by CNN Money.