We have done a great job adjusting with the times and with each Real Estate Market that has presented itself within our Santa Clarita Real Estate Community.  We also continue to shine above the rest in this Valley and The surrounding communities.


There are a lot of Santa Clarita Homes that are in various stages of foreclosure.  There are also a lot of them who have owners living inside and not sure of what to do.  Do I keep paying my mortgage, or a portion of it?  Do I just leave?  Do I try to stay as long as I can until the Sheriff’s Department evicts me? 

Many different emotions flow throughout the Person or Family that is considering a Short Sale.  Their emotions run the gammet from sad to angry, from Depressed to Overjoyed.  The Range of Real Estate Emotion can be quite stressful.

The best thing you can do it find the right advisor – Paris and I would like to be your Santa Clarita Valley and Surrounding Communities Short Sale Advisors.

We do a majority of the negotiation ourselves – but also have retained a law firm to finish various parts of the Short Sale to keep our Clients as safe as possible.