Here was one of the Yelp Filtered reviews from a couple that we served when selling their Valencia Top RealtorsCA Home.

They came to us via the Los Angeles Police Department and were exceptionally wonderful.

During our time in real estate, we have known people to take advantage and those that are working hard for their clients.

One of the hardest things to do is to rate a younger brother in their business. Both Sarah and I have to give kudos to Paris, while I did not talk with my brother much, she did both Sarah and I right.

It came down to our third agent. They had been okay but were unable to get us what we wanted in Valencia.

Meeting Paris was like meeting a “connected guy”, she took us the very same day to three listings that had not been listed for sale yet.

We wrote two offers and one was accepted. During the time it took for us to buy the house, Paris did not skip a beat, keeping on the other agent and keeping us informed.

Experience counts in the real estate business, apparently.  I’m just glad Paris was there for Sarah and I.  Being a first time buyer, and getting told that everything will be okay and work itself out is typical.

Actually speaking with someone that is honest and forthright with you from the beginning about how hard the journey will be is refreshing.

Thanks Paris – This was my pleasure – Sarah and Kyle Serrot

Thanks to Kyle and Sarah – This is a wonderful way in which those whom we serve honor us by writing Yelp Reviews.

Even though they choose to filter them, if they did not, we’d be on the top of the Yelp Pages for Santa Clarita real estate and realtors.