Without it having happened yet, there are a few agents that were accused and arrested for Participating in a Ponzi Scheme. Today, one has been said they are going to plead guilty. Santa Clarita Relocation

With regard to properties that are heading to Auctions overrunning the other types of real estate listings for sale, that is very true. We just posted up an update on our Santa Clarita Foreclosure Intel Blog. Look at the difference between even the Notice of Default(pre foreclosure) postings and the regular bank owned trades or sold to thirds. You will see that there are many more in that realm than the others. Leading one to deduce that Auctions are going to be the future of Santa Clarita real estate inventory.

We also finished our Market Updates yesterday. We took PDF’s for each of the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley and posted them on our Top Real Estate Sales Blog. You will be able to click through with regard the reports so you can view them in their full essence. They have lots of data to share. Before I get into the Data, if you want to get your own reports you have choices. You can choose between the single family residence reports and the condo/town-home reports. You can also choose to get a City Wide report or to receive reports by zip code as well. The Zip Code reporting applies if a city has multiple zip codes – such as Valencia CA – 91354 and 91355. You can choose to get emailed to you a report for the entire City of Valencia CA, or just one of the zip codes.

Here is the report for Valencia CA pertinent for this week. By clicking on this link you will notice that the report references the supply and demand in Valencia CA. This week the Valencia real estate market continues to get hotter. More sales demand and fewer homes listed have contributed to a relatively long run of increasing prices. Current supply and demand levels show no sign of prices changing from their current level. The report also references prices in Valencia CA: This week saw relatively little price change from last week. However, prices continue to demonstrate a nice up trend in general over the past several weeks.

Enjoy our Reports and to get your own as described above use our MacBoX resource. Type in the word “Reports” and you will be able to choose from all of the Santa Clarita market reports I outlined above. We are The Paris911 Team at REMAX, let us know if we can be of assistance.