All Cities ringing in this week – we have increases in List Prices within 4 of the Santa Clarita valley cities.

We also have prices flattening out in the other cities.

Santa Clarita real estate agents reportOverall – we have a flat price trend in most of the SCV and have been in that mode since early Fall 2013.

Typical Holiday Pull back is being blamed for the slower market in the SCV cities – which we totally agree with, however people are still out in the Santa Clarita housing world wanting to buy real estate.

We have also seen that financing has been relaxing a bit.  People still have to be examined under a microscope, but the dynamics have changed as far as debt to income ratios not having to be so “set in stone”.

If you want to keep “in the know” with reports such as these for the Santa Clarita Valley housing market each month we have three different options for you.

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If you own a home, you can get “real” real estate monitoring of your home’s value.  This system works for other housing types that are located in Southern California – single family residences, condos and town-homes.  You will see things you will not find anywhere else on-line because our system actually pulls the “data” directly from the Local Boards of Realtors.

Second – you can obtain our Research reports for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  Each of the reports is by your command and choice.  You can choose specific zip codes in the Santa Clarita Valley, or you can choose a specific city. If there is a city with multiple zip codes, you can choose all or one. The housing market reports that are completed by our Research company are wonderfully packed with the exact market information and conjecture as to where the future of real estate is going.  Consider it your own version of a “crystal ball”.

Third – feel free to subscribe to our Bi-monthly Santa Clarita Realtor updates that we send out to those that are on our list.  Subscribing is simple and obtained at the Top Santa Clarita real estate resource website. When you arrive, by clicking on the preceding link, you will see a large subscribe box.  Type in your email and you will be good to go.

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